Sari Birth Cohort

Sari Birth Cohort in the first National Congress of pediatrics health promotion

12 July 2018

The first national congress of pediatrics health promotion was held by pediatrics group of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences with the collaboration of the Ministry of Health and other universities of medical science. The primary aims were improving the quality and development of educational plan, training of effective child care in accordance with international standards, focusing on the role of early childhood development in promoting children's health, the role of hospitals, and registration of disease in promoting children’s health, Primordial Prevention of Non-communicable Disease and contagious diseases, policy and economy, the role of environmental health in promoting children's health and role of self-care. Furthermore, Congress includes holding workshop and summer school of pediatrics health promotion.

Sari birth cohort was presented as a new project of pediatrics infection disease research center in this Congress. Our partnership in the Congress included a presenting workplace and a comprehensive panel.